What Lee Crowley’s clients are saying:


My time meeting with Lee, and my time away during those appointments, have brought to life the words of John 8:31, 32…  “If you continue in my word, and you are truly my disciples, you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  Lee helped me to step into that freedom in a way I had not known before, and she offered encouragement to me to continue in a new way.  I continue to be thankful for her professional and compassionate presentation of healthy thinking and living.  When she comes to mind, my heart smiles...”  (B.P.)

Before coming to Lee, I had a friend tell me that watching me sinking lower and lower into depression was like watching an alcoholic slowly killing herself.  This was a wake-up call that God used to show me that help was desperately needed.  I came to Lee drowning in a sea of lies about myself, my salvation, and God.  My past sins and parental abuse were haunting and condemning me.  During my time with Lee, God spoke through her to reveal His ancient and living truths about Himself and me.  There was a not a session I walked away from where the Lord had not spoken to my heart.  Through her biblical counseling, I have been brought back to the hope I discovered in God.  I rejoice in the trial given to me, knowing that Philippians 1:6 and James 1:2-4 are true.  Lee has been gifted with her gentle words of encouragement and truth.  I am and will always be grateful for her compassion and help.” (A.B.)

Lee has helped me make sense of my battles, and has been a fellow soldier in those battles.  She is confident without judgment, and has validated me as Christ would where the world dismisses…  She genuinely cares and wants to help me personally, and is willing to walk the lonely road in a deep, dark valley with me where not many would tread.  She sees the beauty in the dark valleys of life, and has drawn out my pain, revealing things about me I’m to scared to look at.  She has empathy for people’s struggles, and has helped me dig out of my own hole.  She has been God’s loving messenger for the hard truths of life, and reveals truth I need to hear God’s way.  She invests herself spiritually on my behalf.  Everyone needs someone who understands them here on earth, and she does.  She’s a fellow journey (wo)man on a narrow road.  (R.C.)

My sessions with Lee changed my life. When I first met Lee I felt as if I was drowning in my circumstances.  I was seeking God’s way through them, but was unable to navigate on my own.  Lee’s gift of discernment uncovered some deep issues I couldn’t see.  She also gave me direction from God’s Word on how to walk through them His way—actual steps to take that sent me in a new direction.  Her encouragement and pouring of truth into me helped release me from my old ways.  My circumstances haven’t changed, I have!  I am experiencing a newness of life—peace in the midst of a storm.  I also have a deeper, richer relationship with Jesus Christ, and have been touched by His healing hand.  I know Lee was His vessel in this process.  I am being “transformed by the renewing of my mind”, and I am eternally grateful.”  (A.R.)