Mike Spencer


My 27 years of counseling experience was preceeded by completing both a Masters of Divinity and Masters in Counseling. In more recent years I have completed training as a TBRI (Trust Based Relational Invention) Practitioner, a TBRI Educator, and TBRI utilization in a camp setting through the Texas Christian University Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development, which I use daily with my adopted daughters and with the adoptive families I work with in my counseling practice.
B.C.C.C.I., 501C7

lee crowley


I have been counseling for 16 years, having completed both a Masters in Biblical Counseling, and additional certification in the field.  I have also done extensive study and mentoring in the areas of deliverance and healing ministries to broaden my counseling perspective.  My prior 21 year experience as a health care professional and business leader, and my personal story of struggling through many life issues, gives me a broad background and deep compassion to draw from in helping others.  
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