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The areas I focus my counseling, over the years and currently, are:

1. Complex Developmental Trauma has been a growing area of my practice with children, adults and family. Many of those presently in foster care or adoptive families have CDT. (As you might expect, this crosses over into the areas below as well.) I work with those who have suffered CDT, their family members, spouses, and care givers. 

2. Men, in general, struggling with addictive thinking and behaviors, particularly sexual acting out, and having anxiety and depression at the same time. A subgroup of men I work with are those younger men, high school aged to recent college graduates, who are struggle to reconcile their life experiences with their faith.  

3. Couples are a continuing area of focus in the complex and changing landscape of our culture, which seems to highly value relational intimacy and undervalue marriage. I have personally experienced marriage for 33 years and found there to be a need for constant growth and change. I enjoy walking couples through the changes their marriages require.
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The areas I focus my counseling, over the years and currently, are:

1.  Younger women (late teens to mid-thirties) have constituted a substantive part of my practice from the beginning.  I have a particular heart and passion for this generation, and believe there is no better time to address life's issues and gain breakthrough than early in the journey.

2.  Women in general struggling with all of life's issues including stress and anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, grief and loss, singleness and loneliness, addictions and behaviors, things from the past, vocation and direction decisions, matters of identity and purpose, faith, confusion, sexuality and more.  I also have a niche focus on women in abusive or controlling relationships struggling for freedom.

3.  Women in the marketplace and professional settings are an additional area of focus due to my extensive business and organizational background.  I have a unique ability to understand the complexities of those roles and environments, disentangle the challenges of life and work, and release women to be their most effective.
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