Biblical Counseling Center of Central Indiana



Counselors at BCCCI seek to help people apply the truths of the Christian scriptures to their struggles and problems. We believe the Gospel is central to biblical counseling. As people come to understand and live out the truth of the Gospel, they are able to untangle their issues and live in the power and freedom it promises.

We counsel non-Christians or those unsure of their faith as well.

Who Can Biblical Counseling Help?

  • We help couples learn to live redemptively by addressing the contempt that destroys so many marriages.
  • We help parents bring together their diverse gifts and perspectives, enabling them to work together, peacefully, as they raise their children in a unified household with clear leadership.
  • We help teens who are often confused by what is happening in Church, at home and school, and with their friends, to see how the story of their lives connects with the story of the Gospel.
  • We help believers grasp a vision of the Gospel that moves them from living between their wants and should’s, and into a redemptive way of life.

Common Problems and Issues Biblical Counseling Can Help With

  • Individuals – depression, anxiety/panic, adjustment issues, emotional disorders, substance abuse, grief, job stress, spiritual issues, vocational/job search, relationship and family of origin issues
  • Women – abuse and trauma recovery, eating disorders, depression, phase of life, sexuality, abortion recovery
  • Men – anger management, sexual addiction, sexual identity issues, accountability issues
  • Couples – marriage counseling, premarital counseling, separation, and divorce recovery
  • Childred/Teens – behavior problems, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders,  trauma from abuse or loss, self-injury
  • Families – family therapy, blended families, adoption, parenting issues, sibling issues